Hilltops, NSW

The Cato label pays respect to the vision and foresight of Marcus Porches Cato, born 234 BC, the world's first authority on viticulture and winemaking. In Moppet's quest to make the best possible wines, a focus was put on vineyard refinement, which in turn led to grafting / planting varieties known to thrive in a terroir similar to Moppity's unique climate, altitude and soil. The result is a wine range that shows both varietal and regional integrity, and showcases the diversity of Moppity's vineyards.

The Hilltops wine region is North West of Canberra on the Great Dividing Range, centred around the town of Young in Southern NSW. Hilltops is rapidly emerging as one of the most exciting viticulture regions in Australia. The high altitude, cool to moderate climate and dry summer and autumn provides excellent ripening conditions. This along with the gravelly, free-draining soils, enables the production of wines with great intensity of flavour and finesse. The first vines were planted in the 1860s but it’s only recently that the area’s true potential has begun to crystallise. Hilltops is the only NSW region to win the Jimmy Watson Trophy and be a Two Time Winner of the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge. New entrants and second generation growers are combining older vines with modern wine making, creating wines of purity and brightness. Shiraz and Cabernet have already achieved greatness here but the future for Italian and Spanish varieties seems just as bright.