Tumbarumba, NSW

An extensive range of wines made from cool climate, high altitude, low yielding, estate grown fruit. Many of the wines are topped up with reclassified wine from Moppity's Reserve & Estate programs, ensuring quality and value rarely seen at this price point. The Lock & Key label continues to impress wine judges and critics alike, with the wines being admired for their vibrancy, purity, power and elegance.

Set in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, Tumbarumba is the coldest viticultural region on mainland Australia, and is set in a stunning landscape reminiscent of the Apple Isle. Tumbarumba is a remote and pristine wilderness; A place of rare beauty. There is purity in the air and the crystal mountain waters, the dense bush land abundant with native wildlife. In this unique climate we craft wines of purity, expression and elegance that speak of their origin. There’s a delicacy and refinement that can only be achieved in a very cool climate. This is essential to make world class expressions of early ripening varieties such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Tumbarumba is one of few places in the Southern Hemisphere where such wines can be made. Tumbarumba is not an easy place to grow wine grapes. Winter is bitterly cold; Spring is punctuated by severe frosts; the hills are frighteningly steep and help is far away. Ultra-premium viticulture here is laborious and fiercely expensive. However, the most magnificent achievements often begin with the greatest challenges.