The quaint village of Saint-Tropez, nestled against the azure blue of the Mediterranean was, up to the first part of the 20th century, a relatively unknown small port dedicated to fishing and wine production. Historically the oldest wine producing region of France, fine wines have been made in Provence for more than 2600 years, first by the Phoenicians and Greek colonists and later by Romans following their invading legions. The romans saw much interest in Saint-Tropez for its strategic position, the gulf providing a calm harbor protected from the elements ideal for sustainable commerce, and the hilly peninsula offering a unique 360° watch point away from the mainland. Over the centuries, a few families have cultivated vines from generation to generation up to this day.

Saint-Tropez has changed much in the past few hundred years. With its temperate climate and sun-drenched beaches, Saint-Tropez slowly became known as a secret “off the map get-away” where celebrities mixed with the local people. This small fishermans' village and relatively isolated paradise, in the 1950s Saint-Tropez saw the likes of Otto Preminger, Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock. The unique microclimate of Saint-Tropez, being a peninsula surrounded by a coastal mountain called Esterel, allows for not only heavenly summers but the production of some of the best rosé in the region. The brisk winters and warm summers created the ideal environment for the production of Rosé wine. In this gem of a region Louis Angelvin created Maison Angelvin. While the times have changed Maison Angelvin maintains its commitment to deliver the finest rosés and to encapsulate the timeless spirit of Saint-Tropez.

Inspired by stories of antiquity in which Phoenicians , Greeks and Romans had produced the first wines of the area, Louis Angelvin set out to create a refined wine reflective of the natural beauty of the region. As a civil engineer astute in geology and with an extensive knowledge of the mineral composition of Provence he was able to balance and extract the subtitles of the soil and take advantage of the fact that well-maintained vines could hold infinite possibilities and substantially influence the taste of the wine.

When Louis Angelvin passed away, he left the keys to his estate to his son Jacques and grand-daughter Véronique.  Jacques Angelvin was a well-known French television personality, who had received some notoriety for his involvement in the French Connection.  His gregarious social nature allowed Maison Angelvin to receive attention beyond the beaches of Saint-Tropez. Operated now by Louis Angelvin's great-grandson, Logan, Maison Angelvin remains a family-owned and operated business which has expanded beyond the Provence region to delight and tantalize on a global scale. The Angelvin family has for over four generations cultivated their vineyards with the aim of producing wines of unparalleled excellence and distinction. We invite you to discover the story of what continues to make Maison Angelvin a landmark or elegance and sophistication in the gulf of Saint-Tropez.